The Hisham Alhashimi Forum

As a tribute to Hisham, member of board of director and fellow researcher at the IAC, we are proud to announce the first Annual Hisham Alhashimi Forum to be held on 6th of July 2021 The forum will be held over two days that includes variety of activities such as seminars, awards for young writers and researchers, scholarship awards in the name of Hisham in collaboration with world renowned universities and educational institutions.
The Forum will be organised in cooperation with some of the institutions that Hisham worked with and be attended by fellow researchers worldwide, Iraqi government officials, members of parliament and society personalities.
This yearly gathering will become a must attend event for all researches, scholars and political activists interested in Iraq. the Forum will be an opportunity for us all to remember Hisham and make sure his memory stays alive in our hearts and minds, his sacrifice will become a beacon for the young generations and will inspire them to love their country the way Hisham did.

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