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Dr. Ammer al-Kinani

Member of Board of Directors Ameer currently is the Legal Advisor to Iraqi President and chairman of Legislation Department at the Presidency Ameer is one of most known legal legislatures in Iraq who is regarded as expert in Constitutional and Administrative Law. He has worked as member of parliament from 2010 – 2014 and was …

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Jamal al-Fayadh

Jamal al-Fayadh

Member of Board of Directors Jamal is former Media advisor to Iraqi President Fuad Masum from 2014 – 2018 Jamal is a well known journalist, writer editor and director of many established media outlets. He has a vast network of Iraqi media whom he has worked with in the past. He has worked as Advisor …

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Jamal al-Assadi

Member of Board of Directors Jamal currently is the Inspector General of Ministry of Interior and Acting Inspector General for Border Ports Jamal is considered as one of the best legal minds of current legal professionals in Iraq, he has worked in various governmental positions, he was Inspector General of Ministry of Justice in 2015, …

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Lukman Faily

Dr. Lukman Faily

Member of Board of Directors From Nov 2018 until Aug 2019 Lukman was the Official spokesman for the President of the Republic of Iraq Dr Barham Salih. He is now back at the Ministry of Forign Affairs as a senior Ambassador in charge of more than one Bureau. Lukman was Iraqi Ambassador to the US …

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Dr.Sharwan al-Waili

Member of Board of Directors Sharwan is currently working as Security Advisor to President of Iraq Dr. Barham Salih He has worked as Brigadier in Engineering Corp of Iraqi Army for Reconstruction prior to 2000 and afterwards he has assumed many positions in the new Iraq, he was President of Dhi Qar governing countil in …

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Dr. Torhan al-Mufti

Member of Board of Directors Torhan is currently working as Chairman of the General Secretary of Higher Commission of the Provinces (GHSCP), and Representative of the Federal Government at the Parliament, 2015 to date. Torhan is an expert in Government administration as he has been in top jobs since 2006, and also After 2003 Torhan …

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Farhad Alaaldin

Chairman Farhad Alaaldin is Chairman of Iraq Advisory Council. He has served as the political advisor to President of Iraq Barham Saleh from Oct 2018 until March 2019, and also served as political advisor to the former President of Iraq Fuad Masum from July 2014 to Oct 2018. Prior to this period, he was the …

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